How to Build a Basic Frittata

Frittata ist eines meiner Lieblingsmittagessen für´s Büro. Am Vorabend gemacht, am nächsten Tag mitgenommen, kurz in der Mikrowelle warm gemacht und mit einem kleinen Salat mit großem Appetit verspeist.


A good friend of mine had her second child back in March, a 9 lb 6 oz, 23-inch bundle of joy named Jordan. Since her first child is a daughter at the fun-but-exhausting age of 4 years old, I had promised ages ago that I would come down to her digs in Maryland and help her when the new baby was born.

I was down in the DC area for three weeks, and while I managed to take in a Rev game with my buddy Evan at Capital City Brewing, and see DC United stick it to LA with a last-minute game winner in frigid RFK stadium, I mostly stuck close to home: preparing the house (and Big Sis‘ room) for Jordan’s arrival, and cooking. Lots and lots of cooking.

Chicken marinated in Meyer lemon & mint for the grill. A giant Traveler’s curry. Chile-rubbed steak…

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